Although everyone knows they need life insurance, the common attitude is to procrastinate until a tragic life event unfolds, or until they hit a milestone life event. However, while it's true that having cover in place if you have a young family or dependents is important, there are numerous other reasons to opt for life insurance.

7 Reasons To Get Term Life Insurance

1. To Protect Your Mortgage - Rather than burden your loved one with the expense of your mortgage in the event of an untimely death, purchase life insurance. AIME also offers a specialized Mortgage Life Insurance product for anyone whose primary concern is protecting their mortgage affordably. If you're having trouble choosing between the two products, our life insurance team has created a quick overview.

2. To Protect Those Who Depend On You - You may be the primary caregiver for elderly parents or children. 20/20 Life insurance can be used to replace your income and ensure a bright and stable future for your dependents. Learn more about choosing a beneficiary in this post.

3. To Settle Final Expenses - No one wants to burden their families and loved ones with financial pressure or debts when they pass. 20/20 Life insurance will give your loved ones financial peace of mind. Additionally, a life insurance policy payout can help offset the cost of your funeral, allowing your family to say farewell how they see fit without concerns about cost.

5. To Cover Education Costs - Do you have children attending school? Often, parents plan to add to children's education savings over the course of their career. If something were to happen to you or your spouse, these plans could be jeopardized. Your 20/20 life insurance can assist in covering the cost of your children's expenses in the event you are not there to help them.

6. To Be Philanthropic - You can opt to give an everlasting gift to a charity or organization of your choice if you list them as the beneficiary. This is particularly true if you wanted to give a larger lump sum that you had been unable to donate before. Want to support a charitable organization while also protecting your loved ones? Learn how here.

7. To Protect Against Illness or Disability - Adding a critical illness or disability insurance rider to your policy is an affordable way to ensure you will be protected if you are unable to work for health reasons. 

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