Buying life insurance is a serious decision. Here's how to select the right life insurance policy for you and your family. 

A  life insurance policy can offer you peace of mind, and protection if something were to happen to you, and your loved ones could no longer rely on your income. A life insurance project can ensure that, even if the worst should happen, childrens' education, your mortgage, debts, and final expenses can all be paid off. For others, it offers the opportunity to provide an everlasting gift to a charity of your choice, or an inheritance for your loved ones.

Some of the best advantages of buying a  life insurance policy include:

  • it’s affordable

  • you’ll rest assured knowing your family is always financially protected

  • our life insurance typically requires very little underwriting

Customised Life Insurance Policies with Flex Life

At Flex Life, we pride ourselves on making buying a life insurance policy as simple, stress-free, and affordable as possible. Whatever your family’s needs, our licensed agents work tirelessly with you to ensure you have a policy that protects your home and loved ones, no matter what hardships you may face.

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What Term Should I Choose?

Term life insurance offers protection for a given amount of time, meaning that you can get completely custom protection. Looking for protection while your kids are in school? A 10- or 20-year policy might be ideal.  

How Much Coverage Do I Need?

How much coverage you require depends on factors such as:

  • outstanding debts
  • number of children, as well as their ages
  • whether or not you have a mortgage
  • the extent which your loved ones depend on your income

Should I Opt For A Single or Joint Life Policy?

The advantage of a mortgage life insurance policy is that you have the option to cover just your life or include your spouse in the coverage. With a joint mortgage life insurance, the common choice is a first death plan. This means that the policy will pay when either you or your spouse passes away. While this coverage is often used by couples, it can be used by common-law partners and even family members.

Joint Vs Single Coverage

Additional Security

Aside from the basic life insurance coverage, you can also opt for some additional benefits in your coverage. These include critical illness insurance and disability coverage.

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