Are you looking for life insurance quotes? 2020 Flex is a level-term life insurance product that provides comprehensive financial protection for your family at an affordable rate. 

Your home is one of your most expensive and important financial assets, so of course you want to protect it! However, many Canadians are often hesitant to purchase bank-issued mortgage life insurance due to the high rates and limitations.

2020 Flex has been designed by industry experts with YOU in mind and is free of many of the drawbacks of traditional MLIs, offering your family comprehensive financial protection.

Some of the incredible benefits of our innovative product are:

  • you are able to choose your own beneficiary
  • your mortgage policy is portable and moves with you, even if you switch lenders.
  • no need analysis is required
  • you are approved almost instantly

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At 20/20, we understand that you never want to leave your family unprotected. We offer flexible mortgage life insurance at affordable rates to help empower you to make the right decision when it comes to securing your family’s financial future.

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What is Level Term Life Insurance?

Level Term Life Insurance is a type of life insurance that pays out an agreed lump sum if you pass away within the policy period (known as the policy ‘term’). The term is agreed upon when you take out the policy and so long as you keep up to date with the payments, your beneficiary will receive a guaranteed amount of money if you pass away within the policy term.

Who is Level Term Life Insurance Suitable For?

If you have a spouse or a family and they rely on your income for financial stability, then level term life insurance is suitable for you. This type of policy can ensure your loved ones receive a fixed lump sum of money so they’re supported if you were to unexpectedly pass away.

Because the amount is agreed upon up front and it’s fixed, it can be used to:

  • Pay off part or all of a mortgage
  • Your childrens’ school and university fees
  • Pay off any personal loans
  • Cover funeral costs

Choosing A Beneficiary

What Are The Benefits of Level Term Life Insurance?

Like with any form of life insurance, level term life insurance gives total peace of mind, not just for you, but also for your family. It ensures that your family can keep the home they’ve grown up in and your children can go to university, even if you aren’t around to help with the expense.

In addition, a level term life insurance can protect your family from any financial burdens that might be passed on to them in the event of your death, so they can enjoy their future without worry about money.

What is right for me?

What is right for you will depend highly on your own unique circumstances. You need to bear in mind the following:

  • Trying to take out too much cover could mean that your premiums could be higher than you’re prepared to pay.
  • Underestimating your needs means that your family might not be left with enough money to support them in the future.

Still confused? From helping you understand all your needs to providing you with a comprehensive life insurance quote, our qualified life insurance agents can help you figure out just how much cover you need.

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